The Berlin Agenda is an online manifestation of Berlin as a state-of-mind.

It’s a magazine for those who “want a different kind of magazine”, a compendium of beauty and culture, a curiosity exhibition full of wonder and awe, a leap of faith into the unknown, a collection of serendipitous instants as they stand in line for their turn to become historical moments.

The Berlin Agenda is about the arts, letters and the other side of midnight; it’s provocative, fun, street-wise and worldly. It’s about this, that and a bit of the other. It’s the mix, and above all the people who stir it.

Check this space for regular updates about all you need to know about the best Berlin has to offer to a world dreaming about Berlin.

Otis Chatzistefanou, Creative Director

Portrait of Panagiotis Chatzistefanou by Aspasia Koulyra

Portrait of Otis Chatzistefanou by Aspasia Koulyra

Est. in Berlin, 1st October 2014

Please send all event and content related correspondence including press releases to: editor.theberlinagenda@gmail.com

Please send all the advertising and media partnership queries to:

Thank you for your interest in The Berlin Agenda.


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